Paul Pierce Still Unsure How Social Media Works

Paul Pierce still isn’t quite sure how social media works, according to a recent tweet.

The NBA star gained notoriety for making a number of incorrect predictions, including saying “I think it’s over” after the Celtics lost Game 1 to the Bucks.

Unfortunately, the Bucks went on to win the next four games, making Pierce expendable.

Despite this misstep, Pierce has managed to gain some notoriety via social media – he even posted it himself.

Ray Allen’s Instagram account

Paul Pierce is a former NBA star who has a poor understanding of how social media works

After spending almost two decades perfecting his craft, the former point guard has put his professional career on the line for a questionable video.

It’s clear that he hasn’t learned anything from his experiences in the league.

His behavior on social media has come back to haunt him, but ESPN has acted swiftly to take him off their roster.

Although Paul Pierce spent most of his career with the Boston Celtics, he grew up in Los Angeles and grew to love the Lakers.

He has been known as a tough player and was once injured in a nightclub fight that left him in a wheelchair.

Fortunately, he played the rest of the season and was not permanently disabled.

While his young teammates remember his epic battles with LeBron James, they also remember his Christmas Day performances.

For those who still remember his Celtics days, the 10-time All-Star still texts former teammates

However, he hasn’t spoken to his former teammate Ray Allen since he left Boston for Miami.

Paul Pierce’s Instagram post

If you follow the NBA, you may have come across Paul Pierce’s Instagram post.

The NBA star was fired from ESPN in April, following an incident in which he posted a live video on Instagram of himself playing poker with a group of exotic dancers.

The incident has caused a ruckus on the social media platform, and Pierce has made no secret of his desire to get even.

While he’s gotten a lot of criticism, he did share some good things in his recent post.

While the video shows Pierce spending time with strippers, it also shows him drinking and playing poker with friends.

Some of his fans reminded him of his marriage, but he kept sharing more wild happenings. Many people have also called him out on his strange behavior.

As for what he’s trying to say, the meaning of his hashtag is hard to interpret

In some cases, the hashtag can simply mean “the truth shall set you free” or it could be a play on words.

Either way, the hashtag is confusing.

Ray Allen’s Instagram post

After his retirement from playing, Paul Pierce has been working as an analyst for ESPN.

A 10-time All-Star and the MVP of the 2008 NBA Finals, Pierce is well-known for his odd opinions and offers viewers a good amount of entertainment value.

Recently, he released a video on Instagram that was widely shared across the internet.

The player has been questioned about his use of social media. He has not released an official statement, nor has he spoken with reporters about the move.

However, he seemed to react to the news on Twitter, teasing that he’d be landing soon in a new team.

The former Celtics center isn’t the first athlete to be targeted on social media.

In fact, members of the 2008 championship squad have been accused of misusing social media.

For example, during the DeAndre Jordan hostage crisis in 2015, players reportedly used plain emojis in their tweets.

Another infamous mistweet came from Ray Allen.

Paul Pierce’s Twitter post

Several NBA fans have reacted with mixed emotions to Paul Pierce’s Twitter post about Jayson Tatum and Kevin Durant.

The Celtics legend had tweeted that Tatum is now a better player than Durant, which has led to some controversy

Fans also reacted to Pierce’s tweet about Jayson Tatum’s recent victory over Durant, which sparked an interesting back and forth on social media.

In the same tweet, Pierce mentioned the day he and Kevin Garnett sat together at a press conference.

The two former NBA players are members of the upcoming Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame class of 2021 and 2020, respectively.

While some have expressed their disapproval, others feel that this action is not severe enough to warrant a suspension.

While this post was not surprising, it sparked a heated debate.

Many NBA fans took to social media to vent their anger at Paul Pierce.

His criticisms of current players and criticism of LeBron James, among other things, has ruffled some feathers.

However, the former Celtics star seems to ignore the noise and isn’t concerned with it.

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